Monday, May 10, 2010

Conde Nast Traveller Visits Mountain Sky

Last season, we welcomed Conde Nast writer Rachel Johnson and her family to the ranch for a week of riding, hiking, fly-fishing, rafting, and anything else the adventurous family could pack into their week-long stay. Click here for the online article. Special thanks to photographer Neale Haynes for the wonderful job he did in capturing life here at Mountain Sky, and in Paradise Valley.

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  1. What a wonderful description of the perfect stay! Anyone thinking about staying here, should read this story. The pictures are very expressive of the life you guys have there. Honestly, I've never seen a prettier ranch or property in Montana. I love the picture you have on your Employment page! You've got some very happy employees there! I look forward to the day we can visit the ranch and see all of that breath taking beauty with our own eyes!