Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November News

Greetings Friends! We hope that your Halloween featured more treats than tricks, and that your Thanksgiving day left you happily comatose from mashed potato and stuffing overload. And now for the latest and greatest in Mountain Sky goings-on:

Challenge Dairy is responsible for Challenge Butter, the largest selling brand in the West. This purveyor of fine dairy products is holding a sweepstakes to give vacation-goers a "taste of the West" as fine as their butter: A 7 day, 6 night getaway for 4 at Mountain Sky! Check out their blog for the sweepstakes details, as well as information on their products. It's an incredible opportunity, folks.

"Bionic" Brad Moyel Ready to Take on the World

Our happy-go-lucky yoga instructor and hiking guide is going to have some additional pep in his step, thanks to two successful hip-replacement surgeries. The first procedure was done in early November, and the second was successfully completed yesterday. Staff met up with Brad and his daughter Lotus for pizza prior to surgery #2, and he was giddy about the improvements he was already feeling at that point. He's resting up at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital for the next few days, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Brad's yoga classes are extremely popular at Mountain Sky, and his hikes are always well attended, thanks in large part to his cheery disposition, infectious (and mischievous) grin, accommodating and reassuring approach to instruction, and his extensive knowledge of the land. We can't wait to see the zeal with which he tackles life post-surgery. He'll tear up the ski hill this winter, and then tear up the trails (and yoga mats) this spring :)

Mountain Lion Sighting... on Stacy and RC's Porch?!?

At 6:30am, Brooke Draves was on her way to her daily workout at the pool fitness facility when she turned the corner by Stacy and RC's front porch. It was pretty dark out, but she heard that she had startled something big, and stood still as her eyes adjusted. It was hard to make out, but she saw a mountain lion leap over the railing and flee down the short hill, its long tail trailing behind it. The bowl of dry food left out for Twitch (the ranch cat) may have been the source of the big cat's curiosity.

Because the ranch is virtually empty (our staff shrinks from 70 to 7, and only a few of those staffers actually stay the night up here), and because winter conditions tend to drive wildlife from higher elevations, the ranch becomes the ideal spot for deer, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, and the occasional bear to come foraging for food. Mountain lions are extremely elusive, and work hard to avoid contact with humans, so Brooke felt fortunate to be one of the few to have spotted one this season.

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